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Definition and Connotation of Communication

Communication is more than an exchange of information between individuals, development communication practitioners should also bear in mind the Latin connotation of the word… The word “communication” is one of the most important word in the development communication sphere. As development communication practitioners who are tasked to communicate information to the target audience in the most effective way possible.  you should  have the appropriate knowledge of all the connotations of this word. This is because it is vital in organizing every aspect of whatever type of communication campaign you have in mind. But what is, exactly, the definition of communication? Communication came from the Latin word “communicare ” meaning “to share” or “to be in relation with”. “Communicare” is a derivative of the word “commune” (“cum” = common or of the community and “munies” = office, appointment or task, responsibility) which means “someone who takes responsibility for the community”. The Latin

SEO Copywriting Guidelines

SEO copywriting is a process that involves knowledgeable textual development of a web page to reach the first page of engine results… Search Engine Optimization (SEO ) copywriting is a process that involves knowledgeable textual development of a page of a website in an effort to make it reach the first page of search engine results. As development communicators who make use of websites, blogs or You Tube videos to transmit messages to your target audience, you need to have a good grasp of SEO to enhance the visibility of your message on the internet and, as a consequence, to boost and reach your communication goals. The objective of SEO copywriting is not only to craft unique and compelling content but also to make use of keywords or keyword phrases that correctly describe the information or message to be transmitted to your target audience. Writing a copy that motivates or persuades the target audience to take action is also one of the most important elements of SEO copywriting. Know