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Definition and Assumptions of the Agenda-Setting Theory

The agenda-setting theory explains the correlation between the emphasis that the media attribute to issues and the consequent importance that media users may accord to such issues. The agenda-setting theory describes a very powerful influence of the media, which is the ability to tell people what news are important or not. The agenda setting-theory is the creation of public awareness and concern of salient issues by the news media.  The mass media has become the dominant means through which individuals and social groups receive a permanent and intense stream of data, facts and ideas. When this flow of information is transmitted  through the mass media , it consequently proposes certain meanings, building a certain image about the world. Thus, the values, hierarchies, social norms and ideas promoted by the media, and/or the meanings determined by them can influence the way media users think. Originally formulated by Maxwell McCombs in 1972, the agenda-setting theory explains the correl

How Internet has Transformed the Communication Landscape

The Internet has radically transformed the computer and communication landscape... Toward the end of the twentieth century, the rise of the Internet gave way to the era in which most people have the means to access a massive flow of information.  Considered  the most popular expression of ICTs, the Internet can be simply defined as a worldwide system of computer networks, a sort of interconnected ‘network of networks’ that transmits data by means of packet switching using the standard internet protocol (IP). The Internet has radically transformed the computer and communication landscape.  This was made possible because of the integration of various technologies that paved the way for the invention of the telegraph, telephone, radio and computer. The Internet, in fact, has a worldwide reach and offers a dynamic structure for communication and information dissemination. It also provides the means for participation and interaction between individuals and their computer, easily surmount

Major Characteristics of Online Newspapers

Online newspapers are the popular expressions of the evolving media landscape... The media is considered an important ally in development communication . Development communication strategies such as information-dissemination by means of media outlets such as online newspapers are effective in raising public awareness on purposive actions towards development.  Awareness on development projects and initiatives is needed to provide people the appropriate knowledge in order to participate and, thus, to contribute in the success of development projects and goals .  Over the last two decades, with the onset of the information and communication technologies (ICTs) and the popularity of the internet, the media landscape has been radically transformed and has expand its reach, paving the way for innovative and more engaging media outlets and communication tools.  Online newspapers are popular expressions of the evolving media landscape. Since internet-based information