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Definition and Uses of Multimedia Content

Nowadays, multimedia may denote a synergy of content forms... The term  "multimedia"  was first introduced by singer and artist Bob Goldstein to promote the opening of his show called "Lightworks at L'Oursin" on July 1966 at Southampton, Long Island. Since then, the term and context of multimedia has taken on various meanings, including presentations that consist of multi-projector slide shows, timed to an audio track.  Nowadays, multimedia can be defined as the synergy of  content forms  such as texts, audio, animation, video and others: a combination of different forms of content into a single presentation and is delivered electronically. Multimedia differs a lot from media that utilizes only basic computer displays like static content, wherein texts are only displayed, or the traditional printed material such as newspapers or books.   Types of Multimedia   Linear - content that is displayed without any navigational or interactive functions like a