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Impacts of Modern ICTs in the Print Industry

Five centuries after Johannes Gutenburg invented the first movable printing press, the advent of the ICTs has permitted the printing method to change connotations,   paving the way for the computerization, mechanization, and automation of the whole printing process.  (Image from: ) The impacts of the development of the  Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)  are visible in many different aspects of the print  media as a whole.    In the past, printing was a laborious process.     It was the end-result of the work of a number of skilled operators.    It was a world of    craftsman and very expensive machines.    Printing a communication material was focused on the ability of each skilled worker to do their respective jobs in order to complete the whole cycle of the printing process. So, if you were to print a communication material containing some images and type  in a piece of paper, first, the editorial staff would have to type set the clean copy,