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The Use of Memes in Development Communication

Memes facilitate message dissemination.  They are just like commercial spots that attract the attention of people... A meme is an idea, a behavior or style that stays in the minds of individuals and, eventually, modifies it. This tiny piece of information can take the form of a picture, an action, a sequence of words or an expression (e.g. Pres. Barrack Obama’s, “yes, we can!”). Memes are self-replicating patterns within a culture.  It makes use of our minds to be emulated.   It was the evolutionary biologist  Richard Dawkins  who introduced the term “meme.” In the book,  The Selfish Gene  (1976), he asserted that memes could spread like a virus, influencing people’s behavior. In the field of  Development Communication , a message/information that has been conceptualized to take the form of a meme may have the following advantages: . A meme facilitates message dissemination.    A meme is similar to a commercial spot, the refrain of a song, an echo in a canyon. It grabs