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Reliability of Information Retrieved from the Internet

The internet has become a powerful platform to access information, but this sea of information available to all  has some disadvantages in terms of reliability. Some decades ago, when I was studying Communication Arts at the Philippine Women’s University , I remember that doing research was always a problem for me. At that time, research means spending at least half a day in the library of the PWU, in search for books, magazines and other related materials needed for my topic. It was always a big question mark whether I could find the literature needed to develop my topic. This was because the available  books at that time at the PWU were limited. And when this happens, my only option was to go to the Philippine National Library located in the vicinities of Luneta park to continue with my research. Going to the Philippine National Library was even more problematic because it was very far from the place where I was residing.  From Las Pinas, Metro Manila,  I had to spend at l