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Impacts of ICTs in Radio Broadcasting

 Radio broadcasting has rapidly evolved, but it continues  to uphold its primary purpose to inform and to entertain listeners... The  radio  has long been considered a valuable and functional instrument in reaching people living in remote areas of the world.  This is because radios are cheap to buy, easy to manage and very portable.  You can, in fact, listen to a radio wherever you are, at home while cooking, washing dishes or ironing clothes. You can listen to a radio outdoors,  while driving a car or even while running for an errand. Challenges related to the use of radio are real and concrete.  The choice of suitable airing time and the difficulty for broadcasters to focus the listener’s attention to what is being discussed in a radio program are concerns that could determine the program’s success or failure.   Nevertheless,  in spite of these challenges,  the radio can provide listeners useful information about current events,  political,  health and social concerns,